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   Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) is wonderfully relaxing and at the same time heals and rebalances the body.  By listening to the pulses and gently holding points on the body, this ancient form of healing harmonizes the energy locks on the body to open blocked flows. Jin Shin Jyutsu restores balance and releases the causes of both acute and chronic conditions. It’s a valuable complement to conventional healing methods, inducing relaxation and reducing the effects of stress.        


JSJ demo
JSJ demo 2



                       Special Immune Flow


     One of the benefits of JSJ is that each of us has  this amazing healing right at our finger tips. While the flows often feel best when being received, they also have great benefit when done on ourselves.


    The video below will show you how to do a simple, but potent, immune boosting flow.  This flow is most helpful when done at the onset of any cold, flu or bug going around. I use it often with wonderful results to ward off a flu or travel bug.            

            Just click the link below for a demo.

       Health is the greatest possesion.  Contentment the greatest treasure.

 Confidence is the greatest friend. Non-

 being is the greatest joy. 


                                    ~Lao Tzu

                               Need calming?.........     


    A gentle way to rebalance the body or emotional states is to hold your fingers.  Each of the organ flows end in the fingers and have a corresponding emotion that is related to that flow.  For example, if anxiety is coursing through the body, simply hold the thumb for  a minute or two.

    Click the chart to the left to enlarge it and see the flows and emotions relating to each of the fingers. 

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