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About Dee

   With a degree in social work and interest in health, I began my career managing a Family Planning clinic and later teaching sex education.  Although these were great jobs, I was seeing people struggle with repeated problems, desiring change and yet not able to reach a deep shift.  This, along with my own life's challenges, led me to look for a modality that could make significant change, regardless of the challenges someone was facing.  
   My search led me to homeopathic training with some incredible teachers....Karen Allen, Lou Klein, Rajan Sanakaran, Nandita Shaw, Ananda Zaren, Amy Rothenberg, Jan Scholten, and Paul Herscu.  They helped me to restructure how I understood healing and the potential for us all to have this well being.  From there, my homeopathic training took off, I became certified with both the Council of Homeopathic Certification (CHC) and North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) and went on to co-found the Maine Association of Homeopaths.   Over the years, I've included  herbal training, Jin Shin Jytusu and more recently, Gemmotherapy. I have found that in today's world, it's helpful to have a range of tools to offer.  Almost 25 years later, I'm still fascinated with  the potency of these gentle forms of healing.  And love helping others with them and seeing the changes they bring.  
   When I'm not working, I love traveling and at times this includes my whole family.  The colorful clan consists of my pilot husband and my adventurous son (who gets it from his father..... both of whom lend to the white hair, you see),....  my warm-hearted, creative daughter and her lovely husband. And now my sweet little grandchildren who are total delights in my life.  Rowing on the river is a lovely balance for me, as are numerous creative outlets.  What remains steady is my love for learning and exploring the endless ways in which life moves.  My long term passion is exploring the nature of reality.   My work is a great springboard to see more clearly the mystery of life and its endless delights.  

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Tel: 207.236.9664

Dee Webster

174 Mountain St.

Camden, Maine 04843

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