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Homeopathy is a deep form of healing.

   Homeopathy uses remedies that come from the energetic properties of mineral, plant or animal sources to stimulate our bodies own healing. Our bodies are always working to return to balance. They are amazing systems with all that they handle. Considering the stresses and circumstances of our world today, support is often needed.  

Homeopathy has an interesting history

   It was devised by German physician, Samuel Hahnemann, over 200 years ago after he saw that the methods of healing of his time (bloodletting, mercury poisons) were worse than the cure.  This lead him to study old medical texts and he began to understand more clearly that if the body was always working to rebalance itself then this innate healing capacity simply needs to be supported in that same direction. We can then see, for example, that a fever creates an inhospitable environment for a virus or bacteria to exist.  A skin condition is moving stress out of the body and keeping its impact away from deeper organs.   It’s a brilliant system when understood; for this reason, it helps to see why it’s so important not to suppress symptoms.  

Samuel Hahnemann statue in Washington D.C.

     Hahnemann also found that a substance that produces symptoms in a healthy person would cure those same symptoms in a sick person when used in minute potencies. So the body’s symptoms can be seen as signposts to help match them to a specific remedy.  This remedy would then stimulate this incredible healing potential that we all have. The selection of a remedy is based on perceiving each patient as a whole with their unique way of perceiving the world and expressing themselves.  Our unique pattern of symptoms is matched to a remedy with the same symptoms and the healing begins. 

   Homeopathy has the added benefit of not interfering with allopathic medications.  Because it works on the body’s energetic level, it doesn’t create side effects nor interfere on the level of allopathic meds.   It’s easy to take, treats all ages and any conditions, and is an incredible resource for our times.  


    Homeopathy can bring relief to conditions after many other options had been exhausted. The potency of a simple remedy like Arnica can turn around a serious concussion.  I look forward to the time when Arnica is given routinely in emergency rooms to help reduce pain and suffering in significant ways.  In the meantime, these remedies are available for everyone and treat a wide range of conditions including helping to relieve old conditioned patterns for those on a deeper spiritual path.   That is what we are all seeking….true health so that we can live a happy and full life.

Range of Healing includes...

• Infertility

• Ear Infections

• GI Issues

• Anxiety & Depression

• Personal Growth

• Stuck Old Patterns

• Asperger's Syndrome

• Vaccine Injury

• Cancer

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