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Gemmotherapies are the "gems" of homeopathy.

Gemmos are dynamic preparations made from tree buds that both cleanse and rebuild any system in the body and provide wonderful support for our nervous system. Even if we eat the healthiest of diets and try to maintain a balanced lifestyle, we are still exposed to stresses and toxins that build up over time in the body. 


This body burden can show up as minor symptoms or eventually lead to a full disease over time.  It can be expressed as anxiety, sleep disorders, skin conditions, morning sickness, aches and pains, or any illness that affects us.  From chronic long-term conditions to short-term acutes such as colds, gemmos are an amazing way to rebuild our health!

Gemmos provide a very gentle form of healing.  Taking these drops daily in a small amount of water provides a steady cleanse and rebuilding of the body.  The dosing is easily adjusted to match the amount of detoxing the body can handle at any one time.  Once the body has cleared the initial toxicity level and improved elimination, we are free to move onto healing other levels in the body.  At this point, the body also receives any modality of healing much more efficiently. 

   Eat a diet of 80% plants and 20% protein to make this form of treatment even more effective.  This provides a wide variety of meals but keeps the body more alkaline reducing inflammation. 

Eat fruit, green blender drinks or juicing fruits and veggies first thing in the morning to start the body off with a nice alkaline cleanse.  This is also a wonderful help in opening elimination, another key to health.

Take your gemmos three times a day, every day. Alternatively, you can add them to your water bottle and sip them throughout the day.  


Gemmos are dosed differently and work with a different time schedule than regular homeopathy.  Depending on the depth of illness and the vitality of the person, gemmos will often be used over weeks and/or months.  They are safe for any age ranging from infants to elders.   Often started as an individual remedy, as more clearing occurs other gemmos are added in.   They also aren’t as fussy as regular homeopathic remedies and can be taken around meals, lending to more ease with fitting in the multiple doses.   They are complimentary with regular homeopathic remedies and other modalities.


Gemmos are a wonderful support for our nervous system and provide quick relief in rebalancing our emotional states.  This is so helpful in today's world and can provide on going resiliency as we navigate all the challenges that we face.   

Gemmos also provide a depth of detoxing on a cellular level.  This reduces the toxic build up and move beyond just managing symptoms .  With gemmos, we start by opening elimination so that toxins can move easily out of the body.  This removes inflammation from the body, which is the root of all conditions and key to eliminating disease.  Without this portal being opened, our symptoms tend to move around the body limiting the return to optimal health.  We might use a well-indicated remedy or modality only to find we have to keep repeating a treatment when symptoms continue to return.  Once we start the process of opening elimination, symptoms start reducing immediately and the relief from improved health is felt.  When the kidney and bowel systems are healed and functioning well, the next stages can be addressed.


They are made from tree buds that contain stem cells that have the potential of the whole tree within them. They are rich in growth factors, including phyto hormones, auxins that stimulate cell growth and gibberellins that stimulate RNA and protein synthesis. This dynamic energy translates into a deep form of healing.

Gemmos can open up a whole new range of healing.  With patience and time, gemmos provide a depth of healing and a return to the health that we are meant to have. 

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