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Vitasana Healing


Jin Shin Jyutsu


 "The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well."

Germinated Plant

We are all alchemists transmuting pain into aliveness, unwanted experiences into awakening.

Rashani Réa

Homeopathic remedies remove blocks that limit one from experiencing  their full life. This can range from knowing simple joy in life, to stepping into more creative expressions, to connecting with meaningful work. 

     Both homeopathic remedies, including gemmos and Jin Shin Jyutsu, align our health in a way that opens us up to our full potential – our vital (vita) full life (sana). Illnesses and conditions can make us feel limited and blocked from living our full potential and in knowing the joy that life is. They also land on our doorstep as a chance to make changes in our lives. These might be in the form of dietary changes or finding time for reflection and active restoration.  This can be a chance to let go of old beliefs that no longer serve us.  If seen in this way, it's the body's way of aligning us with our health and purpose. This deep wisdom then brings us back to a full and rich life.  



Gemmotherapies are the “gems” of homeopathy.   They are dynamic preparations made from tree buds that both cleanse and rebuild any system in the body and provide wonderful support for our nervous system. 
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